Finding a Piece of Southern California in Costa Rica


Amazing views of luxury homes, mountains and the Pacific Ocean.


Close your eyes and picture a map of the western area of Los Angeles and Southern California.  Imagine that you are driving from Beverly Hills to Palos Verdes down the coast.  You have the rugged mountains to one side and the Pacific Ocean to your other side.  You pass gorgeous homes and sailboats parked in the bay.  Now open your eyes!  You’ve just experienced what you can see here in our area of Guanacaste, Costa Rica and with us at 360 Splendor Del Pacifico in Playa Flamingo.

From Playa Conchal to Playa Potrero, the vibe is comparable to Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, and the Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles and Southern California.


The affluent communities that make up a large area on the Northern Gold Coast of Costa Rica have no shortages of activities.  Just like on the coast of Southern California, the ocean reigns king.  You can catch some waves on the shores of Playa Flamingo, Playa Brasilito and Playa Conchal.  Head just a few miles south and hit up the beaches of Playa Grande and Tamarindo.  These breaks are more iconic for surfing like the infamous Zuma Beach.

Ariel view of surfers at Playa Grande


Not quite ready for surfing, but still want to enjoy time on the water?


Rent a kayak or paddleboard at with one of the local vendors.  You can explore the islands and the nearby, secluded beaches.  All of the areas have great places on their shores to put on your snorkel and mask to see what’s below the surface.  Sailing and fishing are popular too!  You can learn to sail at the Costa Rica Sailing Center in Potrero.  Or, head out on a sunset boat cruise from the town of Playa Flamingo.  With the new marina being built, Playa Flamingo will be similar to Marina Del Rey.

You can kayak or sail on several of the beaches here.


Known for its expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and extensive horseback riding trails, the spirit of Palos Verdas is well represented here.  You can enjoy horseback riding on the paths in the mountains and the beaches in Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo.  There are several options nearby that offer private lessons.  You have the ability to board your horse if you are staying long term.

Dining is taken to another level with organic, farm to table food choices.


Abundant healthy and fresh dining options are available in Costa Rica.


Food in L.A. is often associated with fresh, healthy and farm to table.  Enjoy breakfast and lunch in one of the more bohemian and inviting outdoor settings at La Cuchara Verde.  Located in Playa Flamingo, they offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian menu options served with positive vibes and cooked with love.  Less than two miles away, Surf Box is another great option for breakfast or lunch.  With everything from avocado toast to Mexican street corn, you will find a little piece of Southern California right here in Costa Rica.  Dinner doesn’t disappoint either.  Dine at Numu and their poolside restaurant for a locally sourced, international cuisine that has gluten-free alternatives.  Or, you can have a fine dining experience at Angelinas.  Not matter what, a good meal is always an option.

Health and Wellness are a top priority in this area of Costa Rica.



Mix health and luxury together in true Beverly Hills fashion by booking a private massage. There are several licensed massage therapists who will come to you and set up on your balcony or even on the beach.    Don’t forget to align your chakras with a yoga class at Sattva Yoga in Potrero.  Utilize our best resource, endless miles of pristine beaches, to find your zen.  Whether you start your mornings or end your days with a walk along one of the local shores, you can bet that will find your inner peace. 360 Splendor Del Pacifico in Playa Flamingo is the perfect place to stay for any of your medical tourism needs.

Sunset pool view from Playa Flamingo


I don’t think that you can compare these cities in L.A. County to the ones in Costa Rica without mentioning our top-notch private schools.  The northern coastal region of Guanacaste is home to some of the best in the country.  Located in Playa Flamingo, La Paz Community School is an International Baccalaureate preschool through high school.  They offer a bilingual, world-class education.  Costa Rica International Academy (CRIA), in the town of Brasilito, is a U.S. accredited college preparatory school with graduates that go on to be accepted to an impressive list of Ivy League colleges.  Not too far south, you can find Educarte and TIDE academy.  These schools have a more artistic and alternative approach to their education programs.

Come and stay awhile in Playa Flamingo.


There are many housing choices that compare to those of the more luxurious ones in Los Angeles and the 360 Splendor Del Pacifico Residences do not disappoint.  Offering both sunrise and sunset views of the ocean and mountains, these condominiums and penthouses are the perfect places to unwind, explore and stay awhile in Playa Flamingo.

Enjoy this view and much more at 360 Flamingo