Keeping The Town of Playa Flamingo Clean and Pristine


With nearly a mile of white sand beach, a few paved roads and gorgeous greenery, it takes hard work and dedication from members and the area’s residences to help maintain this hidden gem of a town.  The volunteer members of the Asociacion Pro Mejoras de Flamingo work diligently to keep the town of Playa Flamingo pristine and welcoming.


What is the Asociacion Pro Mejoras de Flamingo in the town of Playa Flamingo?


The Association is comprised of eight board members and one full-time person on their staff who are all homeowners, condo owners and business owners in the town of Playa Flamingo. The board members donate their time with the main benefit taking pride in their quaint and beautiful city.  In addition to keeping Playa Flamingo clean, they have a great relationship with the water and power companies and the police and the municipality.  Most notably is the President Federico Marin, who oversees the project at the 360 Splendor Del Pacifico Residences. He was just appointed the president of the new marina, which makes this an exciting time to become a member of the Asociacion Pro Mejoras de Flamingo.


FBA Board Members- Left to right. Mike Osborne, Eric Polson, Federico Marin, and Donna Osborne

Wallis, the man who gets the job done!


Wallis is the only paid staff person.  You may see him out on the beaches and the roads, keeping everything clean and beautiful for the town of Playa Flamingo.  Remember to wave high and give him big thanks for all the work he puts into upholding our beaches and public spaces.


Wallis the Main Man!


Mardis Gras in Costa Rica?


With just a small annual fee, the benefits are numerous and necessary to maintain the town’s upkeep.  Did you ever think that you would attend Mardi Gras in Costa Rica?  This annual event is a must do for the town of Playa Flamingo.  People come from all over.  There is a parade; candy and beads are thrown all around.  This is just one of the many extra perks that the association provides for the town.  Wine and cheese parties, an annual beach party and the possibility of an upcoming concert are also benefits for members.


Annual Beach Party Complete With A Roasted Pig


From the luxury condos and hotels on the north ridge to the beautiful homes that dot the south ridge, the town of Playa Flamingo and the Asociacion Pro Mejoras de Flamingo keep the beaches and roads clean and safe.  Together, they foster a sense of pride and a feeling of community.   You always know where a member can be found to help you out during your time in the secluded and charming place that they call home in Playa Flamingo.

Watch below to get an insider’s look at the town of Playa Flamingo and the Association.