Words can’t describe the majestic views that are 360 Splendor Del Pacifico, Luxury Residences. A total of 36 Condominiums and Penthouses that comprise of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom-bathroom Condominiums, and 3 and 4 bedroom-bathroom Penthouses. A stunning brand new 5 star Residences perched high on the North Ridge of Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Keeping The Town of Playa Flamingo Clean and Pristine

  With nearly a mile of white sand beach, a few paved roads and gorgeous greenery, it takes hard work and dedication from members and the area’s residences to help maintain this hidden gem of a town.  The volunteer members of the Asociacion Pro Mejoras de Flamingo work diligently to keep the town of Playa Flamingo pristine and welcoming.   What is the Asociacion Pro Mejoras de Flamingo in the […]

Finding a Piece of Southern California in Costa Rica

    Close your eyes and picture a map of the western area of Los Angeles and Southern California.  Imagine that you are driving from Beverly Hills to Palos Verdes down the coast.  You have the rugged mountains to one side and the Pacific Ocean to your other side.  You pass gorgeous homes and sailboats parked in the bay.  Now open your eyes!  You’ve just experienced what you can see […]

  Flamingo is synonymous with world class fishing, beachside luxury, and laid back vibes. However, aside from sports fishing interests, golf culture runs deep within many of the condo owners at the Splendor del Pacifico Residences.  Many penthouse and condo owners hold golf club memberships in prestigious clubs such as Roaring Fork Club in Colorado. It was, therefore, fitting that a penthouse owner of the 360 Residences sponsored Pro golfer […]

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire: The Papagayo Winds

How the winds work Each year between December and May, the cool winter air from the North American continent makes its way down to the Gulf of Mexico and into the Caribbean Sea. The air however on the Pacific side of Central America is warmer and less dense than that of the Gulf of Mexico. As a rule of physics and nature, wind currents move from high to low surface […]

“As soon as we jumped on the little boat it took off like a rocket. I mean, it just flew! We basically tacked and zigzagged all the way up and through Potrero Bay and back to the sailing center.”   Over the last few months, visitors to the 360 project have spent their time exploring what Flamingo Beach offers. From sports fishing to paddle boarding, penthouse owners and their guests […]

Exploring Flamingo Beach’s Eco-Crater

While not scientifically proven, it is an impressive thought that from the top of the 360 buildings, you could be standing in the centre of an ancient underwater volcano. From the skyline of Flamingo Beach, it could be called an ‘eco-crater’, the ecologically diverse remains of what could have been a volcanic crater. Costa Rica is comprised primarily of accumulated volcanic lava. It is theorized that the current landmass that […]

Clarity in 2017: Suggestions from the 360 Flamingo team

With a new year ahead of us, it is natural for us to take stock of the past year. We reflect on the good, the bad and the ‘to- be-decided’. You may even be setting new goals, re-evaluating broken resolutions or just looking for change. This year, we at 360 Splendor del Pacifico Residences invite you to consider taking some time out to find some clarity along the white sand […]

The Penthouse Experience

    There is a reason why one penthouse owner calls his home ‘Islands in the Sky’. The 360 Splendor del Pacifico penthouses are surrounded by limitless ocean dotted by offshore islands and lush mountain panoramas. The freedom to simply be The penthouses are the most spacious of the 360 Splendor del Pacifico Residences. With an open floor plan there is a palpable sensation of freedom. The expanded living and […]

In Costa Rica, Christmas is primarily celebrated on the 24th with the 25th being a day of relaxing. Here in Flamingo, the season was intimately welcomed in with a Christmas Eve candle light service at Beach Community Church, the church in the jungle. For those yearning for a traditional Christmas meal, Marie’s Restaurant in Flamingo, offered Christmas Eve carols and a traditional turkey dinner with all the festive trimmings.