May 2017

  Flamingo is synonymous with world class fishing, beachside luxury, and laid back vibes. However, aside from sports fishing interests, golf culture runs deep within many of the condo owners at the Splendor del Pacifico Residences.  Many penthouse and condo owners hold golf club memberships in prestigious clubs such as Roaring Fork Club in Colorado. It was, therefore, fitting that a penthouse owner of the 360 Residences sponsored Pro golfer […]

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire: The Papagayo Winds

How the winds work Each year between December and May, the cool winter air from the North American continent makes its way down to the Gulf of Mexico and into the Caribbean Sea. The air however on the Pacific side of Central America is warmer and less dense than that of the Gulf of Mexico. As a rule of physics and nature, wind currents move from high to low surface […]

“As soon as we jumped on the little boat it took off like a rocket. I mean, it just flew! We basically tacked and zigzagged all the way up and through Potrero Bay and back to the sailing center.”   Over the last few months, visitors to the 360 project have spent their time exploring what Flamingo Beach offers. From sports fishing to paddle boarding, penthouse owners and their guests […]